Resolved WordPress issues 12-07-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. Can/How to Open WordPress Database (mysqldb.sql) in MS Access?
  2. Add HTML to Contact Form 7 Email on Submit
  3. Falsche Weiterleitung über die Domain
  4. Sanitizing user input, and then redisplaying later in php
  5. How can I use typist.js in wordpress?
  6. gform_after_submission syntax to send data to second table
  7. I am Facing issue in Hueman theme Menu Behind the div
  8. How can I call different WP page depending on some conditions?
  9. create_function has been deprecated – is my updated code correct?
  10. Unable to uploading video files due to error 413
  11. How to display meta box fields using a shortcode
  12. Can you example how we take date and file size fron one drive folder using Share-one-Drive plugin?
  13. How to send welcome email once user buys the subscription
  14. I cant query a column that is Datetime using the year, month and seconds
  15. WordPress Blog first row 3 column Second row 4 column with continue layout
  16. add custom field or attributes in nav menu item wordpress
  17. is it possible to change the flate rate shipping fees based on a custom checkout field?
  18. WordPress: Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function [duplicate]
  19. How make dynamic multilevel mega menu in wordpress without plugin
  20. how can i remove /sub1/ and direct all wordpress in this subfolder to root?
  21. Cloudflare point to my site, but Css is not working
  22. How to manipulate a masonry inside a foreach() loop in PHP
  23. Facebook Pixel is firing off AddToCart whenever someone goes on a product page as well as when pressing the button
  24. How to deploy a local wordpress to bluehost server using git
  25. How to change the phone field in checkout page as mandatory
  26. how to show a div when click on a anchor tag
  27. Adding new activity in WordPress
  28. I need a plugin for banking services
  29. Add margin between mini cart buttons [on hold]
  30. WordPress: ajax_url is not defined

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