Resolved WordPress issues 13-02-2018

  1. A warring sometimes appears when I share links on Facebook (debug)
  2. WordPress remove duplicate
  3. AWS Lightsail Bitnami LAMP – Installing 2nd WordPress Module not working
  4. Trying to get a post to have a delete function on WP-list however I can't work out WPnonce
  5. Unable to change font color of the 3rd Slide (Adios Theme)
  6. WordPress: Display Post on Homepage [on hold]
  7. What is the correct nginx configuration for a WordPress multisite setup using subdirectories?
  8. How to remove last part of URL to avoid 404
  9. How do I add links to hard-coded images in WordPress?
  10. php outputs n and doesn't exclude comments [duplicate]
  11. What is causing unusual urls to be created for page archives? [on hold]
  12. Update User Meta with spaces using REST API – WordPress
  13. Video responsive on wordpress
  14. Make 'copies' of element in WordPress customizer
  15. ACF field in menu walker
  16. Simple output from parent category
  17. Remove CSS styling from mega menu
  18. optimize the mysql query
  19. WP-cerber blocks IP : “We’re sorry, you are not allowed to proceed. Our server stopped processing your request…”
  20. WordPress click and search with autocomplete
  21. How do I remove the code that removes all line breaks in my php template
  22. WordPress short codes display the codes itself not the elements
  23. WordPress – Contact Form 7 before_send_mail
  24. Hide author avatar if it's not real
  25. Reindex website after gibberish hack [on hold]
  26. Odd cookie set by WordPress installed in a sub directory
  27. Different colors for each active menu item in WordPress
  28. page number for category loop
  29. How to call a normal function inside a class method
  30. Auto generate tables or reports from my CRM directly to my customer

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  10. How to add meta tags in Wordpress for each post

Resolved issues

  1. Call wordpress function get_stylesheet_directory from a plugin's main php file
  2. Wordpress Events Manager point events on picture
  3. Toggle button (Area-expanded)
  4. Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) field type with Download Monitor library
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