Resolved WordPress issues 13-05-2018

  1. WordPress Contact Form 7 Conditional Redirect
  2. Sending a personalized email link upon submission
  3. Twig/Timber/ACF: Determining in a loop if one or more posts has a custom field
  4. I can not use html in the header [duplicate]
  5. when i add another php site ,this site was redirected to the other php site,i didn't write the redirect .conf file. what happend?
  6. sub menu (Drop Down) not showing on mobile
  7. wordpress 4.9.5: working to upload images, but fail to be displayed under media and feature
  8. WordPress Static front page on all themes
  9. Regex, PHP and WordPress plugins – Can't make my regex work
  10. Duplicate Page Template WordPress
  11. Activate subdomain without multisite in wordpress
  12. Serve static content from cookie free domain
  13. Consume legacy rest api dependent upon WP API plugin – WordPress
  14. Change WordPress Form behaviour depending on the page, the traffic arrived from
  15. How play Google Drive Videos with JW Player or Video.js?
  16. Product content appears twice
  17. How to solve Undefined variable in WordPress in XAMM [duplicate]
  18. PHP: Get Network Monitoring – HTML Resources
  19. Accessing wordpress in aws ec2 on port 80. Cannot connect to port 80
  20. Getting parse error in wp-config.php mysql hostname [duplicate]
  21. WP-Query not returning all results
  22. WordPress creating additional links
  23. WordPress Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'define' (T_STRING) in C:wampwwwwordpresswp-config.php on line 26
  24. Change CF7 Form message by url
  25. Showing Results from a SQL DB Query onto a WordPress Page
  26. Interpreting A Regular expression [duplicate]
  27. Links are not clickable on mobile
  28. There's was AN ERROR once I submitted my contact form 7 [on hold]
  29. Debug website crash on PHP 7.1 [on hold]
  30. Similar feature to “infinite scrolling” on WordPress page

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. WordPress API media query returning all file types except jpeg
  3. Extra Coding with JW Player 7
  4. Redirect function for WP User Switching plugin
  5. How to display errors under adequate fields on a login form?
  6. Wordpress site displays replacement character � in posts
  7. WordPress REST API - more than 10 posts
  8. Add visual composer to textarea wordpress
  9. Automatic AdSense stopped showing - error 400 ()
  10. How to add meta tags in Wordpress for each post

Resolved issues

  1. Call wordpress function get_stylesheet_directory from a plugin's main php file
  2. Wordpress Events Manager point events on picture
  3. Toggle button (Area-expanded)
  4. Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) field type with Download Monitor library
  5. Wordpress Session Variable exist but not working when i access in plugin wp-estore
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