Resolved WordPress issues 13-10-2017

  1. Get json data in wordpress
  2. Call all posts from WordPress database with category names
  3. woocommerce_thankyou doesn’t trigger consistently
  4. WordPress url from category page
  5. Get product category based on url, not all categories
  6. How Do I Add Sequential Numbers to WordPress Menu
  7. add_action( ‘wpcf7_before_send_mail’) doesnt call/hook my function
  8. Combining external JavaScript scripts tools for WordPress
  9. changing colorbox size wordpress
  10. HTTP Error in WordPress media upload NGINX+Apache
  11. Override frontend JS for Woocommerce Checkout
  12. How to change text betweem <li> tags with jQuery in WordPress?
  13. WooCommerce – Custom User Registration Fields
  14. error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout: wp-config.php
  15. woocommerce one-page-checkout add description
  16. Removing Comment Section and Date in WordPress Projects and Posts
  17. Hide Custom Post type category from Blog Page
  18. How to catch and process WP API request?
  19. Understanding Access-Control-Allow-Origin and caching
  20. Facebook Share WP Plugin
  21. I am attempting to fix responsive issues with a particular website but cannot seem to get the footer widgets
  22. How to include a php file with in WordPress header file
  23. How to get the exact clientX and clientY JavaScript Position into a child div element on a WordPress Page?
  24. One page menu active state as same as hover
  25. Randomize “Input” box on backend of WordPress website for better a user experience
  26. WordPress docker uninstalls plugins every startup
  27. WordPress: Create filter in nav menu
  28. Links don’t work after left click
  29. how to display custom php site’s data on wordpress home page
  30. Advance search filtering using multiple meta data and taxonomy

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  4. Rendering an inline NextJS <Link> component inside of a block of raw text
  5. Wordpress custom plugin help (custom filters and product matching)
  6. Contact Form 7 datepicker - date format not working for other language than english
  7. Plugin child Wordpress
  8. Sent Email not store in sent folder of live server(godaddy server)
  9. Send email when post is created with acf_form in wordpress
  10. Remove meta from user

Resolved issues

  1. I can enter my homepage but can't enter wp-admin
  2. Weird PHP fatal error with one letter change
  3. Can anyone tell me, how to change the search logic in wordpress.
  4. How can I test for WP_Error?
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  6. Wordpress pages & posts won't update
  7. PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension required for wordpress while all SQL extensions are ticked, how is this possible?
  8. Use Gutenberg as ACF WYSIWYG editor
  9. Vertical Uber menu is not displaying proper format
  10. Gzip compression in Multisite
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