Resolved WordPress issues 13-11-2017

Today on focus: image gallery, navigation menu, responsive menu, open graph, notification emails

  1. Can’t get Owl Carousel animation to work for WordPress theme?
  2. Show tagged images from specific gallery
  3. activate .gif nested in WordPress on mouseenter/mouseleave with jQuery
  4. Avoiding double 301 redirects in two stage migration
  5. What regex expression will match all characters except a period, comma or space?
  6. display element count from linked webpage
  7. SQL query to Twig
  8. How do I show and hide loader to show more posts?
  9. Populate dropdown from database on WordPress page
  10. WP Side Navigation with siblings and child pages
  11. Is it possible to add border and background to post grids? [Wordpress]
  12. Trying to convert jquery AJAX to Fetch API, how to setRequestHeader?
  13. WP API Comments: posting a comment containing emojis?
  14. Not working in wordpress document.getElementById(“gh”).innerHTML=“<input type=’text’>”;
  15. Iterate through an array in wordpress php
  16. WPForms textarea doesn’t display when published on a page in WordPress?
  17. How to create a custom user profile in WordPress?
  18. play video with id’s wordpress
  19. Replacing text within string that contains serialize arrays
  21. MySQL query for WP bundles products
  22. Unable to call search term in functions.php from search.php & searchfrom.php in wordpress
  23. Can I use react components in a WordPress page in the visual/text section?
  24. WordPress ACF Repeater – click link to Display the content of a single row
  25. responsive menu not working while using Divi theme
  26. change open graph title in yoast plugin using a function
  27. Cant get scrollify.js to work?
  28. how to load escaped character html content in webview
  29. WordPress check_ajax_referer gives 403 forbidden when using inside AJAX action
  30. How to disable notification emails sent to admin in WordPress?

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Ajax call include not works in Wordpress
  2. Loading font options must be accompanied with subset select
  3. How to add and read extra parameters for custom WordPress page
  4. Wordpress category page, post object not available if has sub categories
  5. Include Parent Terms when searching for Children in WordPress Taxonomy Search
  6. Buddypress user settings page - not loading
  7. Disable SSL on a specific URL
  8. Wordpress Menu Breakpoints with Bootstrap navwalker
  9. wordpress add_filter 'wp_insert_post_data'
  10. Restrict category of a custom post type based on role WordPress

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Unable to use jQuery script in Wordpress plugin
  2. MySQL key-value table update many rows for many ID's at once
  3. Wordpress custom post type pagination using ajax jQuery
  4. Unable to open primary script: /var/www/html/wordpress/index.php (Permission denied)
  5. Paypal Checkout problems
  6. acf/validate_value not working on acf 4.4.12
  7. On install create the database tables and insert not working - wordpress plugin
  8. Error for footer.php
  9. inline-block doesn't prevent menu elements from overlapping when minimizing browser
  10. WP All Import Pro: Polylang compatibility

Resolved issues

  1. Infinite wp_mail loop
  2. Live Notification Heartbeat API
  3. Fusion builder is not working in WordPress 4.9.6 version
  4. Issue shell commands to a remote server via website?
  5. How to add “/” on URL end in Wordpress
  6. Add search to slider in wordpress sites
  7. Correct way to get custom template directory
  8. revshowslide() not working in wordpress plugin
  9. Wordpress, how to run hooks one by one manually?
  10. Get and add wordpress user name in between urls
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