Resolved WordPress issues 13-12-2017

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

On focus today: text box, post tags, custom footer, visual composer

  1. Displaying Parent and Child Categories Seperately
  2. Parralex effect
  3. Advanced Custom Fields show content if no post object
  4. Google maps How do i zoom to specific area
  5. WordPress Subdomain URL Redirection using qTranslate-X Plugin
  6. Debian SENDMAIL
  7. Custome WordPress plugin not working
  8. HTML5 Blank theme and Visual Composer: lightbox not working
  9. Disallow all links after /shop/
  10. WP – Not saving all of the fields when saving data to ninja forms WP plugin
  11. WordPress latest News integrate on two websites
  12. Using Git to clone or pull a depo into DesktopServer
  13. SSL issue with Docker – Let’s Encrypt on wordpress
  14. Visual Composer Custom Grid Template with ACF User Fields
  15. WordPress video not playable, only possible to download
  16. I want to edit HTML code in WordPress
  17. How Can I make custom post metabox editable from post listing admin page
  18. WordPress/CSS – a:link won’t inherit color
  19. How To Install The Pdo_pgsql Module?
  20. Is it possible to display related posts from same category as the current post?
  21. function ‘storefront_primary_navigation’ not found
  22. Custom Row element in WP Bakery
  23. wordpressWarning: Cannot assign an empty string to a string offset in wp-includesclass.wp-scripts.php
  24. How to insert results from database in associative array
  25. How to prevent google ad from showing below the footer of my theme?
  26. display a varoius input text fileds when choosing a select value wodrpress contactform7 plugin
  27. Updating published post/page in wordpress
  28. WordPress multisite – can’t add tags and categories
  29. WP text box disappear
  30. Login/Register to WordPress site

If you need more information on some of the solutions, please post the ID and date in our WordPress forum and we will reveal the details

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. Override plugin AJAX action within the child theme?
  2. How to pull out specific block from the_content() function?
  3. Make dynamic dropdown field required in Wordpress contact 7
  4. How to change the “/portfolio” slug from Wordpress?
  5. Is it possible for wp_mail to sometimes fail?
  6. Show Wordpress Search result in a custom page
  7. Set default value for district / Allow one district
  8. PDF file in iframe overlapping top navigation menu on IE 11
  9. How to add the custom time tag in wp contact form 7 plugin
  10. Wordpress multisite looking for the site creation form code

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Implementation of Wordpress Mega Menu [closed]
  2. WordPress: WP_Query with posts from a category and meta_query or only another meta_query
  3. Fixing file permission in AWS bitnami wordpress
  4. Revolution Slider percentage spinner
  5. How to Use shortcode inside Divi Theme Builder Form module?
  6. How to block custom post type listing page in WordPress?
  7. How to solve 5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded. p9sm5870703wrs.55 - gsmtp in product purchase
  8. Wordpress add custom key and value to wp_query response
  9. WordPress Site missing Dashboard after migration
  10. Display blog posts on any page on wordpress query is not working

Resolved issues

  1. Php loop through through array and assign it to a specific iterated number
  2. Javascript Add 30 or 20, 22 days to an original date?
  3. Prevent timeout when exporting to a CSV
  4. Nginx Reverse Proxy from multiple Upstream Servers
  5. Simple Swift Wordpress post task
  6. Why is my onload not working in Wordpress?
  7. if else statement gives array
  8. force load wordpress into div [closed]
  9. Wordpress wp-content 404 (cannot locate documents)
  10. Text replacing button with CSS [duplicate]
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