Resolved WordPress issues 14-01-2018

On focus today: tinymce, theme translation, polylang, mobile theme

  1. WordPress update all posts(TinyMCE Advanced)
  2. WPML equivalent for angular
  3. Is it possible to get the first custom taxonomy slug and separete them using “ampersand” at the end of the taxonomies?
  4. WordPress Variable Products
  5. WordPress custom query orderby slug genre and change it with option
  6. How to check if a shortcode (including its params) exist?
  7. How do you return an error to the frontend in a Contact Form 7 custom plugin if an error occurs in a wpcf7_posted_data?
  8. Remove HTML from PHP String – WordPress RSS Feed Template
  9. find all IDs and + 5000 to the value
  10. jQuery – how to make a one click event to stay permanent
  11. WordPress php list all pages alphabetically
  12. WordPress Cron function stops halfway but runs manually?
  13. Multiple wordpress category IF with OR conditional not working
  14. WordPress read more link the_content
  15. Redirecting Urls via PHP without htaccess
  16. WordPress hoffman theme translation
  17. Why Slick Slider with Custom Post Type is not working in Woredpress?
  18. wordpress, autorise auth with key
  19. OptionTree trashed, no errors in console
  20. Returned email which I had never sent
  21. tinymce not working in the wordpress crud plugin
  22. Problems with JavaScript on WordPress
  23. Domain for WordPress Database Repair using localhost
  24. How Can I Update wp_enqueue_scripts () From WordPress Option Page Radio Buttons
  25. wordpress ultimate-member plugin profile image How to use on mobile
  26. Varnish object expires too soon. Log expiring objects, or show reason for expires?
  27. WordPress PHP error getting posts from another wordpress blog
  28. Obtain Square Card Nonce From Backend

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. Wordpress in Docker returning junk characters (Windows 10)
  3. Unable to change the WordPress tinymce editor font
  4. How to customize Spotify embed codes?
  5. Javascript only appears in source code when logged into wordpress
  6. Toggle navigation for categories only on icon not on name
  7. How to hide Divi shop module posts whose dates have passed [on hold]
  8. Handle multiple data/parameters that change in Ajax - Wordpress
  9. jQuery button click not detected
  10. Can PHP 'include' be used to duplicate PHP + ACF section in WP?

Resolved issues

  1. Vimeo Api PHP Setup issue
  2. Mixed languages (rtl and ltr) in WordPress same paragraphs
  3. Pass HTML Form data from WordPress website to Third-party Service / Laravel APP /
  4. Update SQL database to Wordpress date format
  5. Open a different content on the Bootstrap modal
  6. How to replace word sitewide?
  7. Can't switch images with Slick Slider / Twig
  8. WordPress $wpdb->query() does not return
  9. Enqueue jquery in wordpress?
  10. call a SOAP service from wordpress page
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