Resolved WordPress issues 14-01-2019

  1. Categories not loading on the WordPress block editor sidebar
  2. WordPress post links do not open in new tab inspite of checking the checkbox
  3. After same class onther button but change only first class url
  4. Why does add_post_meta create a nested array?
  5. Need suggestion while Don't stop audio player at next page load
  6. why does set_role cause internal server error 500?
  7. AMP version of page won't load on mobile (WordPress)
  8. How to list and re-arrange or manipulate Gutenberg Block Categories in WordPress
  9. WordPress: how to make a site that interacts with a directory
  10. Broken Website Pages after Subdirectory Migration to root directory
  11. WordPress Slider Animation [on hold]
  12. Rendering HTML inside <body> tag
  13. How to unmute wordpress fvplayer video on autoplay
  14. WordPress: “The link you followed has expired” problem
  15. WordPress ACF – Rename a Dropdown choice and maintain selection
  16. WordPress behind IIS reverse proxy – connection resets
  17. WordPress Ninja forms post process hook doesn't work
  18. Display an image only – no other page content in WordPress
  19. Element Reveal at Scrolling down within a Range
  20. WordPress WPML admin-ajax 404
  21. getting error 500 after trying to add a tab to wordpress customizer
  22. Can I implement this functionality using WordPress?
  23. How do i use a wildcard with wp_query?
  24. Sortable Admin Row From ACF WordPress – (Alphabetical Sort)
  25. I am trying to create a menu and submenus in wordpress using drag and drop but again and again it is giving me output in that way
  26. Customer change product options after purchase
  27. Malicious Code Found on Client's WordPress Site [duplicate]
  28. Change background color of specific section
  29. How To Restrict Page Content Unless User Enters His Name And Email
  30. wordpress export csv updating admin.php not showing changes dokan plugin

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. LIST of phrases AFTER a parameter from URL in wordpress
  2. How to display a value from a radio button in the options menu in wordpress
  3. How to specify a cache validator for PNG and JS files in .htaccess?
  4. Changing font size within declaration
  5. Is there anyway to use colspan on the do_settings_fields in WordPress
  6. API Call doesn't echo items
  7. PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/bradlux/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-automatic/core.php on line 3797 [on hold]
  8. Bypass cannot redeclare function (including Wordpress in Osclass)
  9. ACF get data for all posts
  10. TinyMCE Paste as text but keep spaces

Resolved issues

  1. I can't get my WordPress site load speed any faster
  2. Error establishing a database connection in my localhost
  3. Redirect loop in wordpress behind Azure Application Gateway
  4. How to attach custom taxonomy to a post in Wordpress?
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  9. Error message reads timber not activated or scheduled maintenance
  10. Tooltip with title and featured image Wordpress function
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