Resolved WordPress issues 14-04-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • SQL REPLACE within php variable
  • Word Press – “failed – Server XXX”
  • WordPress rest api return Youtube channel videos id in array
  • Is it must to add page in admin first to create custom page
  • subdomain wp-admin not found on this server after reinstalling wordpress
  • Add a unique class to last row of a bootstrap 4 wordpress theme
  • CSS floating multiple divs in one row
  • Setting up wordpress rest api
  • Change font size and weight of text in navigation menu on WordPress
  • How can set cropped function for edd product images ( not as a featured image )
  • Fancybox with next and previous link goes to same videos before going next in wordpress pages
  • Redirect Using .htaccess file – Page/pagenumber
  • Main menu buttons are not in a horizontal line, they are overlapping each other [on hold]
  • How to Retrieve Post ID and custom field of previously Visited WordPress
  • What is the way to access WP admin using SiteURL where WP URL is different
  • how to update WordPress role capability value
  • Trying to display recent posts outside wordpress
  • using phpmailer with plesk smtp
  • Suitable WordPress Template for Research Journal Publications
  • WordPress or Drupal for multi-user portal
  • Starting with wordpress rest api
  • wp_is_post_revision() for custom post type always returning false
  • Responsive just active when insert code <style> in page
  • The header image gets cut off… it only shows about 53px… can’t tell why
  • Is it possible to assign a Plugin, a timer, which would cause the Plugin to deactivate upon the time being reached?
  • Using rest api in wordpress plugins
  • wordpress query acording to meta value
  • How to unblock font awesome icons on wordpress
  • WordPress rest api tutorial or guide
  • Count wordpress posts wth specific category and meta value
  • Validate input field the second it gets a value
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    Setting up and working with with wordpress rest api
    Setting up wordpress rest api. Starting with wordpress rest api. Using rest api in wordpress plugins. WordPress rest api tutorial and guide
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