Resolved WordPress issues 14-05-2019

  1. Convert WordPress template into HTML
  2. How can I add a css class to my example php code
  3. Display warning message based on shipped from location
  4. Cant Get Specific Post Attachments in WordPress
  5. After use “first_as_label” option contact form 7 validation not working
  6. Formidable WordPress plugin and button label
  7. How to return a taxonomy list of unused (0 count) terms in ACF taxonomy field
  8. WordPress page updates not publishing globally
  9. Links returning 503 error, but are actually available
  10. How can i point properly my external domain name to a website
  11. What to paste in when Responsive theme asks: “paste your shortcode, video or image”
  12. Mailchimp not being integrated
  13. How to fix my images so they show in internet explorer 11
  14. How we can merge wordpress blog in to our angular 2 project?
  15. MathJax on a WordPress free blog
  16. How to display a custom field in the dashboard posts list( replacing the title )
  17. set a timeoutfunction in wordpress jquery file
  18. How to add video url from ad manager to wordpress site
  19. Corcel – How attached featured image to Post
  20. Advanced Custom Fields not saving data
  21. Page redirect on profile page
  22. AngularJS ng-focus is not working with WordPress
  23. How do i add an custom post type to a new role created by the Members plugin for wordpress
  24. Multiple php versions – how to update php version in WordPress settings
  25. How to make htaccess redirected download urls be only accessible by logged-in members on WordPress?
  26. How to select background color of menu item
  27. how to generate data-target for bootstrap accordion with php?
  28. Combine multiple 301 rules into one a single mod_rewrite rule
  29. Make UL mobile friendly
  30. FastCGI Caching with a currency convertor

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  7. Integrating wordpress webpage in webpage
  8. Contact Us Form and Comments both unfonctionnal in Android app using WP REST API
  9. How to fix “Illegal string offset 'output_key'” in nav_menu.php
  10. WP_Query. Get posts by tag

Resolved issues

  1. how to export and import a menu that created with uber menu plugin
  2. How to remove adjacent_rel_links from the functions.php
  3. Regex or wildcard for subdirectories in an Nginx location directive
  4. Email From Subdomain not being received by main domain emails - plesk
  5. Output Nested ACF Repeater Field as Table in Shortcode
  6. how to update jquery version of wordpress
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  10. How to stop a plugin to send queries on a specific wp page
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