Resolved WordPress issues 15-03-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. Why would my .htaccess IP rule no longer work on wp-admin?
  2. fix links in wordpress in all tables in database
  3. Can't find wordpress version or updates
  4. WordPress issue: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘content’ on line 912
  5. WordPress: How to hide specific Gutenberg blocks settings from users
  6. Location filter not working in WP Google Maps Pro
  7. Migrating HubSpot to WordPress
  8. Textarea not displaying user input after submission PHP
  9. Css not enqueueing with get_template_directory_uri()
  10. Blank Page on WordPress even after reinstal server
  11. How to display link conditionally based on the site's language using jQuery
  12. Make a multi columned dropdown menu with wp_nav_menu and walker class?
  13. Why does WordPress creates image thumbnails bigger (in file size) than the original?
  14. Url rewriting for wordpress custom page
  15. Vue JS + WordPress form with conditional logic
  16. How can I get PHP to include form values when sending an email the first time? (WordPress Admin)
  17. WordPress displaying wrong tags
  18. How to customise sidebar in wordpress?
  19. Compare 2 strings in PHP
  20. Group posts in category page by year from custom field
  21. How can I set tabs if the New product is in a certain type
  22. Need to embed Gutenberg editor in my plugin instead the Classic one
  23. Contact Form 7 Datepicker: Automatically switch the date after a specified time of day
  24. Search a substring from a longer string with wordpress meta query
  25. How to set a string length on wysiwyg text? (WordPress)
  26. How to create navigation arrow in Owl carousel
  27. How to switch off map markers clustering?
  28. Isotope AJAX filtering and load more
  29. replacement of array define in php 5.6
  30. Mailchimp merge 2 rss feeds

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Easy WordPress automation

Switching from human control to automation is an essential step in increasing the efficiency of website development or maintenance. During the past decade, WordPress advanced a lot and became a fully functional Content Management System. Thanks to some of its internal features a large portion of its functionality could be easily automated. The following articles give ideas on how to apply successful automation:

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Speed is an important matter when it comes to website success. In order to appear on the first page except for applying the well-known SEO techniques, you will also have to pay special attention to the performance of your website. We have reviewed a number of options and prepared articles for the most important aspects that include database management and dealing with different types of content:

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