Resolved WordPress issues 15-05-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • Where does WordPress keep the relationship between image ID, and the image source?
  • WordPress post tiles out side of blog directory
  • Right click not working wordpress
  • Can't delete a section in WordPress
  • WordPress Customer Query Pagination With Query Strings Vars
  • Display Issue with real-estate listing results
  • Website went DOWN! Changed theme on word press
  • how to toggle different menu on button click wordpress [on hold]
  • WordPress : How to write a HTML and PHP code for upload a file and run a python script on it
  • WordPress Text Widget replaces php tags with html comment tags?
  • WordPress using js ajax and php to pass variables from client to server and back
  • How to convert website based on Custom designed CMS to XML data? [on hold]
  • Replace links on post save/update in WordPress
  • How do I get CSS to display on my pages?
  • How to copy data from custom fields into post content at once?
  • WordPress + Relevanssi: Does not get children pages
  • secure https with wordpress on google compute engine , cloud sql proxy and cloud SQL
  • WordPress PHP Slider not deleting pages as I delete page from the post
  • How to create a custom form that save data to unpublished post in WordPress?
  • No membership pro integration for learnpress
  • Problems with htaccess not updating
  • How to resolve “You've lost access to Instant Articles” in facebook instant article?
  • getting the total count of search results in wordpress
  • Serve intranet to Extranet granted users
  • My client wants + and – minus sign in mini cart box. Is that possible. I've attached both images.Thanks in advance [on hold]
  • WP REST API Split Post Content into Text and Images in JSON response [on hold]
  • How to get the number of pages of current wordpress post?
  • custom nav walker breacks when loading
  • WordPress functions not working custom page
  • WordPress Archive.php page

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    Reported WordPress issues

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    2. Visual editor more tag
    3. Wordpress - user uploads article with url only
    4. W3tc Eliminate render-blocking resources, wp-content/cache/minify/d9b67.default.include.39bb06.css?
    5. Wordpress Customize not working - load-scripts.php errors
    6. how pass shortcode parameter variable to theme file?
    7. How to add WP variables to GD imagepng
    8. WordPress page leave too much space
    9. Elementor pop up box
    10. Embedded maps showing as blank space on Wordpress site

    WordPress problems we are working on

    1. How and where to write a logic to append strings at the end of an external link in wordpress blog posts
    2. Assign template to a post type via Javascript
    3. Is it possible to build a reccomendation engine in Wordpress based on $wpdb class and SQL? [on hold]
    4. Wordpress Paid Membership Pro recurring payments with Strip payment not working
    5. How pass WordPress shortcode with Parameters to template
    6. Translate Maintenance Pro Plugin WordPress
    7. Wordpress Admin Can't Login - ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser
    8. Javascript, Open/Close function
    9. How to make a search function with dropdown?
    10. How to store cookie value as a variable in Ionic 3 WordPress API -

    Resolved issues

    1. CSS skewed sub-menu items displaying incorrectly
    2. Vue.js Axios Wordpress call
    3. How to get multipal post type archive?
    4. Wordpress PHP proper way to select row from table
    5. Implementing a user specific editable calendar
    6. Square POS integration into WordPress
    7. WPBakery post grid “Narrow data source” only shows “Uncategorized” on some pages/posts
    8. How to dedect if custom field contains a mp4 file in wordpress?
    9. How add support shortcode in textarea in theme [on hold]
    10. How to integrate drag page builder to own wp theme
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