Resolved WordPress issues 16-09-2019

  1. Using HTML picture element with ACF and Gutenberg
  2. update_post_meta does not return anything
  3. Space above the RSS feed
  4. How to get user's logout time upon logging out in WordPress
  5. how to give only access to custom post type for a particular user
  6. WordPress Importing and merging data to CPT
  7. how to make javascript code for any google mp with specific pins to user it on other website [on hold]
  8. Ho to exclude DynamicID from Google analytics?
  9. wordpress posts page canonical
  10. How to auto clear drop down values after submitting form in contact form 7?
  11. How to generate unique layout with list of items using css grid?
  12. WP pagination in rest api
  13. WordPress custom discount
  14. WordPress file upload error in post edit page
  15. Changing the website from joomla to wordpress
  16. Undefined index: hook_suffix [duplicate]
  17. Cannot paginate using get_posts in WordPress
  18. CSS BugFix – Double Scrollbar
  19. Warning: strtolower() expects parameter 1 to be string [on hold]
  20. Properly mount EFS with WordPress
  21. How do I get my self hosted fonts to work?
  22. How to hide specific content on a page behind reCaptcha to prevent BOT abuse
  23. How to retrieve author image in WordPress blog cards?
  24. WordPress Custom Post Type Attendance Meta Box
  25. URL redirect… WordPress, Polylang, 404
  26. What to do after HTML and CSS? [on hold]
  27. WordPress has extra space in some widgets (which shows as “whitespace-only text node” in firefox web developer)
  28. How to fix Jetpack connection error IXR -32300 [on hold]
  29. How to align 3 slider horizontally?
  30. instant image update wordpress plugin

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Wordpress multisite redirects subpages to homepage
  2. Programmatically add value to custom field based on custom field
  3. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 ()
  4. How to find relavant element from an array based on index using number in the loop?
  5. Wordpress custom Gutenberg Block not reloading correctly
  6. Suddenly starts receiving alert when trying to login to wordpress admin panel
  7. Issue with polish character in FPDF
  8. How to fix theme thumbnails without uploading images to media library?
  9. Highlighting Current Page in Nav_Menu (WordPress) /w SASS
  10. API integration in WordPress to pass login details to app

Resolved issues

  1. How To Allow Special Characters & Capital Letters In Wp Permalink?
  2. Create Submenu with Redux Framework _WordPress
  3. Wordpress Boostrap NavMenu on mobile hides after displaying
  4. Can give access to only one Plugin?
  5. Youtube within a Paywall site
  6. How To Add Custom Fields in Dokan Vendor Dashboard
  7. How to extract Product attributes from Product Variations
  8. Stripe Payment Button Not Responsive
  9. Output ACF Flexible Content fields in a table (with the table header not to be repeated through loop)
  10. How do I create a sliding team section with variable positioning and z-indexes?
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