Resolved WordPress issues 19-10-2017

  1. How to add widget code in custom header navigation bar in WordPress?
  2. How to do pagination with get_post(). WordPress
  3. FTP permissions on WordPress Bitnami AWS install?
  4. Custom wordpress pagination displays starts from the beggining on page 10
  5. WordPress RSS error on valid RSS feeds
  6. How to combine First Name & Last Name, Add Gender and DoB to Woocommerce Registration Form?
  7. Warning: Cannot modify header information when trying to create CSV file in PHP [duplicate]
  8. WordPress PHP error after migration – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare previously declared in
  9. Woocommerce display custom field data on admin order details
  10. How To make a BoxOffice in WordPress? [on hold]
  11. Weird characters in jquery files after copying wordpress files [on hold]
  12. Working with blade templating within a limited hosting environment
  13. Add a new section to the wp-admin edit post page
  14. WordPress plug-in development
  15. WordPress array in query meta_value
  16. My product gets added to cart multiple times in woocommerce
  17. How to style custom shortcode in WordPress editor
  18. Why can’t I inject a specific classname to body tag when a specific WordPress page template loads?
  19. WordPress/Woocommerce Custom Star Rating: How to submit the rating value to the database?
  20. Loading JS through JSON (Ionic 3 + WP REST API)
  21. date picker style from woo commerce
  22. Sort by Advanced Custom Fields
  23. what is the safe way to do redirect 301 to 404 error to prevent errors in google webmaster?
  24. WordPress WooCommerce Product Carousel doesn’t show pictures
  25. redirect all url from a root domain to a subdomain, except homepage
  26. CSS – Applying the :not() attribute to all wordpress pages except one
  27. Unable to log into wordpress due to admin-ajax call [on hold]
  28. Removing Broken Media Library Images Efficiently In WordPress?
  29. WordPress – How to add a blog template to a page using a blank theme
  30. POST fails without ending slash in URL

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

  1. How and where to write a logic to append strings at the end of an external link in wordpress blog posts
  2. Assign template to a post type via Javascript
  3. Is it possible to build a reccomendation engine in Wordpress based on $wpdb class and SQL? [on hold]
  4. Wordpress Paid Membership Pro recurring payments with Strip payment not working
  5. How pass WordPress shortcode with Parameters to template
  6. Translate Maintenance Pro Plugin WordPress
  7. Wordpress Admin Can't Login - ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser
  8. Javascript, Open/Close function
  9. How to make a search function with dropdown?
  10. How to store cookie value as a variable in Ionic 3 WordPress API -

Resolved issues

  1. CSS skewed sub-menu items displaying incorrectly
  2. Vue.js Axios Wordpress call
  3. How to get multipal post type archive?
  4. Wordpress PHP proper way to select row from table
  5. Implementing a user specific editable calendar
  6. Square POS integration into WordPress
  7. WPBakery post grid “Narrow data source” only shows “Uncategorized” on some pages/posts
  8. How to dedect if custom field contains a mp4 file in wordpress?
  9. How add support shortcode in textarea in theme [on hold]
  10. How to integrate drag page builder to own wp theme
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