Resolved WordPress issues 19-10-2018

Lightslider.js defaulting to 0px width on mobile?

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • Lightslider.js defaulting to 0px width on mobile?
  • Can I change email notification new user WordPress
  • Gravity Forms post/get to get data from mysql database
  • What's the additional keywords variable in yoast?
  • Create a widget in wordpress to display both most recent and most popular posts
  • How to count wordpress plugins active, inactive, recently_activated
  • Pagination Not Working In My WordPress Website
  • Action to update post custom field not working
  • Internal Server Error. I have issues when logging into wordpress site
  • What the best way for start learn wordpress plugin
  • Can not get results using $wpdb
  • How to make WordPress Back end Page visible to lower roles than admin?
  • Automatically repost WordPress post on LinkedIn Articles
  • WordPress-ACF: seach sub-fields of repeater
  • Request URI in OAuth2
  • How to fix Gutenberg's Convert to Blocks?
  • Email Verification Bypass for Social Login
  • How to fix – Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt?
  • PHP controller/model to view (PHP/Wordpress)
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