Resolved WordPress issues 20-01-2018

On focus today: taxonomy slug, published posts, wordpress customizer, remote management

  1. How to get rid of ?instance_id=xxx
  2. How to implement Social Sharing in ionic app
  3. wordpress customized theme, default add image in full width
  4. MySQL Error #1062 – Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ – WordPress Database
  5. Why my website loads so slowly? Any solution?
  6. WordPress: remove one category in permaling /%category%/%postname%/
  7. WP Query filter by ACF field don’t work
  8. Getting a button to show up on a certain type of wordpress post
  9. I want to display three WordPress custom post in a row and next three WordPress posts in second row
  10. CSS tooltip doesn’t work in WordPress HTML file
  11. list posts and wrap them alphabetically A-Z
  12. XML feed from URL
  13. Specific CSS making image flash on and off in WordPress Loop in Safari
  14. English words stay intact and Hebrew words are split?
  15. Button link for changing a published wordpress post back to a draft
  16. Add word to custom taxonomy slug in WordPress
  17. Permissão em pasta pelo terminal do mac
  18. SQL function not working through WordPress’ $wpdb
  19. How to change date format of published post
  20. WordPress get_posts order_by title not working
  21. Deleting users posts upon role change
  22. Laravel and WordPress in one domain
  23. WordPress can not customize the theme
  24. duplicate canonical tags on WordPress site using Yoast SEO
  25. non wordpress php website redirects to the wordpress website
  26. Using global and array together, property of non-object
  27. Showing dynamic content in a WordPress page generated in a plugin
  28. PMPro remote user management

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. WP - get_template_part based on matching taxonomy term(s)
  2. dropdown field placeholder gravity form
  3. Migrating Wordpress user management to custom CMS
  4. checking liked user in wordpress rest api
  5. Are old wordpress courses still applicable to 2018?
  6. Wordpress fixed menu only on desktop
  7. how to remove advertisement malware from website
  8. Posts and pages having <a>tag, onclick of it redirect the user to login or signup page if user is not logged in
  9. error_log in only 1 wordpress subdomain - this is weird! Attack? Or something else?
  10. Logout / Login Menu Wordpress

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. How to integrate weather api in wordpress
  2. How do I insert to SQL when a new WPMU site is created? I created a plugin, but it doesn't work
  3. How to Streamline the work progress of Wordpress Blog with I-cloud Photo?
  4. Wordpess theme add 2 dynamic button every post [on hold]
  5. Does TinyMCE allows immutable entities (the counterpart of CKEditor's “widget” feature)?
  6. WP - shortcode including a mixture of html and php (ACF variables)
  7. Integrate a web application into a site built in wordpress
  8. Wordpress: Call to undefined function get_sites()
  9. MySQL Select same table with different ids on different columns
  10. Trying to insert custom 404 CSS on Wordpress but losing site header

Resolved issues

  1. How can I use table CSS property all of my table except google custom search?
  2. wordpress: how to load more comments using ajax?
  3. Can i write external api for WordPress? [on hold]
  4. Wordpress - How can I display the remaining post content *minus* the excerpt, in a separate div?
  5. Wordpress: redirecting to wp-admin/install.php even after reinstalling backup of a version that for sure worked
  6. Preg_replace Dirty Code wordpress plug
  7. WordPress + Timber w/ custom theme + routing - 404 page not rendering
  8. Open a popup whenever external link is clicked in wordpress using javascript [on hold]
  9. Retrieving an AFC Image field
  10. How do I save global inspector controls in Gutenberg editor?
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