Resolved WordPress issues 20-03-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. Function create_function() is deprecated wordpress
  2. Redirect a URL to a an old site and a developing site
  3. i want display my function, but it doesn't display
  4. comment_ID(); is undefined in wordpress comments loop?
  5. How can I resolve my dynamic Linking issues on pointer?
  6. SQL recursively filter results to exclude 3 most recent records for each matching field
  7. I want to show results based on the user's input without reloading the page! (For WordPress webdesign in html?)
  8. Is there a way to offer randomized images via Open Graph Protocol for sharing on Facebook?
  9. I can not display the thumbnails of the categories
  10. What is the best practice to create android app where data come from REST API [on hold]
  11. WordPress – short mp4 video instead of featured image
  12. How to- access localhost (xampp) from another client in local network?
  13. Parallax WordPress Theme Tags Not Working in Google Chrome Only
  14. Searching the database of an external wordpress page – no multisite setup
  15. replace method not working in browser but working in console.log
  16. Multi taxonomy slug in URL of WordPress
  17. Ajax POST call to PHP
  18. Facebook page past events embed
  19. make a shortcode without editing function.php
  20. Botframework with WordPress
  21. How to add prefix/suffix to product title in every place, including cart and email?
  22. jquery inside wordpress ACF custom block can't select element outside of block
  23. Specific rewrite in htaccess if there is a parameter
  24. Customized theme localization did not happened through Poedit
  25. Possible to display multiple images in a masonry format INSIDE a modal/lightbox?
  26. WP API V2 Filtering URL request second tier
  27. How would one sort WP comments using a select element?
  28. WordPress: disable sanitize function for input from backend
  29. WordPress custom search not displaying 'no posts found'
  30. Ad variable to WordPress archive page body classes

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. My site is auto refreshing every 7 seconds. Plugin causing the issue
  2. Wordpress Site is too slow and only the homepage loads
  3. Uncaught TypeError: $(…).ekkoLightbox is not a function
  4. Installed Wordpress on https domain, now the http site won't display
  5. Intermittent wp_mail failure
  6. Why I get 500 error on check if user exists? [closed]
  7. Not Able To Remove 'The Post Appeared First On' RSS
  8. Paginate custom post type in a specified pattern
  9. how to edit javascript code in the source page
  10. HTACCESS Request wp-content directory using Query String

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Why does wordpress page change when I'm logged in?
  2. Empty Link and Redundant Links error in WAWE tool
  3. Redirection working fine on desktop but not working on mobile
  4. WP prioritize displaying author's posts first before displaying admin posts
  5. Wordpress best plugin for forum
  6. Can't edit table value in phpmyadmin
  7. how to check in a function that its args are unique or not? the function is called multiple times in wordpress
  8. Display post of Author Posts only (exclude admin and editor ) in archive
  9. Display Advanced Custom Fields field from user in Timber code
  10. Sticky in-page navigation - porting long-scroll content to a small-screen device

Resolved issues

  1. Wordpress Image Upload time error : Post-processing of the image failed
  2. error displaying on wordpress website loading
  3. Elementor Save a File by clicking a button
  4. Replace url with different ending numbers to same url in myphpadmin
  5. WordPress Auto Delete Images older than one month
  6. WP - Retraiving child pages of current page
  7. Append HTML to PHP String
  8. Database search from Wordpress from button click on page to check if DB entry exists
  9. Custom Post Type Shortcode Not Working on Installation
  10. Cookiebot banner overlays footer section with imprint
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