Resolved WordPress issues 20-04-2018

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • Change Background Of Div Once Contact Form 7 Is Submitted
  • WordPress MYSQL update wp_posts where category
  • Can home_url() be dynamically passed to a theme built with React?
  • Custom Nav in WordPress not Loading Pages
  • Why isn't this working in my Genesis!! remove_action with conditional tags
  • svg path fill wordpress
  • WordPress importer plugin – failed to import media (filesize is 0)
  • wordpress Fatal error: Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted (tried to allocate bytes) in /wp-includes/class-wp-tax-query.php on line 280 [on hold]
  • Not showing wordpress title
  • How to do a custom search plugin in wordpress [on hold]
  • Contact Form 7, Webview
  • WP: How to run an function on click without leaving or refreshing the page
  • WordPress dynamic recipient form
  • using post type Or wordpress multi (wordpress). which one is better [on hold]
  • Searching an external website from WordPress search
  • Error : Ajax call to server inside jquery function
  • How can I set up Google Event tracking on a button using jQuery?
  • Prevent line break after comment content
  • How to check http headers on wordpress and act according them
  • wordpress admin dashboard showing content of plugin
  • Make div fullwidth across the screen
  • WordPress Multisite thousands of tables
  • WordPress Plugin installation not possible for admin
  • wordpress contact form 7. Code searching
  • WordPress CMS – Loop for category posts with pagination
  • Custom blog page in wordpress navigation Next and previous page not working
  • Options to publish WordPress posts from R Markdown in RStudio [duplicate]
  • WordPress category page url not working
  • I want to assign different slug value to subcategory in wordpress
  • WordPress get_categories count number is not correct

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    10. How to execute cURL POST request after getting response [on hold]

    Resolved issues

    1. Website content like " [sc_countdown year=”2019″ month=”1″ day=”1″ hour=”0″ minute=”0″
    2. Sending Data from wp froms to system
    3. Shortcode doesn't working. Return error meassage
    4. WordPress: Echo Javascript for Google Ads Conversion Page
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