Resolved WordPress issues 20-08-2019

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. Getting XML response from 2 different XML apis in PHP with given function
  2. Ajax filters for wordpress categories isn't working
  3. How can translate the admin panel language based on frontside language in WPML without using url language code?
  4. PHP Newsletter form not submitting
  5. How to pass URL parameters in query string to stored procedure with WordPress
  6. Contact Form 7: Reset only certain fields?
  7. How to change specific primary category name?
  8. Additional order email based on custom customer field
  9. how to add login captcha (WP Security) on login form?
  10. My WordPress Change File Permissions Automatically After 2 or 3 days
  11. Could we use two menus of wordpress in one site?
  12. I create wordpress website and post the post but not show avatar in a post. And i enable show avatar in a post [on hold]
  13. Need help on WordPress Page. The page text is blank [on hold]
  14. How to add icon on wpdiscuz-quicktags.js
  15. how to make thickbox picture/gallery custom template wordpress
  16. Notification System using a Custom Content Type, Order Queue
  17. How do I use wordpress to enable a website owner to update my custom HTML?
  18. Where is a registration form of Ultimate Member plugin of WordPress handled?
  19. Creating one archive for posts and all custom post types
  20. Shortcode works on home page but not on corresponding taxonomy page
  21. Sending empty data from WordPress to Google Forms
  22. Change WordPress Category Widget Placeholder Text?
  23. How can I fix my responsive css code error?
  24. How do I output only the character set of the language with plugin wpglobus?
  25. WordPress – Limit user role to only have access to edit the contents of an Advanced Custom Fields Pro Options Page
  26. How can I reorganize a wordpress order-datatable created with SQL?
  27. WordPress – Different URL Structure before some posttypes and pages
  28. Remove duplicate but keep one record mysql
  29. traefik routing to wordpress container
  30. Why is this custom wordpress link not clickable?

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. node js wordpress, client.getPostType( 'title to search'); returns TypeError: fn is not a function in node_moduleslibwordpress.js:207:4
  2. Fixing Mismatched Image Class in Existing Posts
  3. How to make an exception in my PHP code to exempt a certain URL from being redirected?
  4. How to wordpress pagination url change
  5. Wordpress website's navbar dropdown is not working
  6. AJAX in WordPress Template Not Working in WordPress Plugin Class
  7. Insert jquery var into php encode to pull ACF fields for Wordpress template
  8. An error occurred after updating Wordpress 5.3
  9. Get site URL in Wordpress
  10. Does Google Form on AMP require HTTPS?

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Wordpress WPLMS add attachment field in edit course
  2. Is the WordPress $wpdb object secure for making SQL calls with PHI information?
  3. WordPress custom related posts using Ad Inserter
  4. Redirect to URL based on product purchased in Wordpress
  5. React-router-dom problem with routes after creating app with react-create-wptheme
  6. Re-Building Website to Wordpress with Full-Width Gallery Transitions (animsition + owl-carousel)
  7. How to get Session of word press from other site If some user is currently active in word-press
  8. I can't get wordpress custom footer to work on about us page
  9. get_post_meta() not display field value for first item in wordpress loop
  10. Custom Wordpress Development - building a custom page builder

Resolved issues

  1. MySql Connection in Anaconda Jupyter Notebook
  2. How to add Custom Fields of Custom Post to REST API?
  3. WordPress - Override template image resizing
  4. How to integrate 3rd party api / json in wordpress
  5. ACF Group Sub Field Not Displaying
  6. What will ES5 code look like for Wordpress CheckboxControl
  7. Wordpress forum in Spanish
  8. wordpress theme footer.php file have some malicious code
  9. Setup 301 redirect for .html pages Wordpress
  10. Value is pulled wordpress
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