Resolved WordPress issues 20-12-2017

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  1. WordPress how to upload a theme without FTP
  2. WordPress: some WP Query variables not return results
  3. Site doesn't stop loading on firefox and $(window).load never gets called
  4. WordPress auto cancel unpaid orders for digital/virtual products
  5. Missing Add to Cart button on custom product
  6. Cognito User Pool and WordPress Users (signing in to wordpress with AWS)
  7. Image goes out of container in wordpress
  8. Embed php code in WordPress
  9. Updating existing WordPress using newer version of downloaded WordPress
  10. Child menu won't open when clicking parent menu
  11. Cloud Flare 404 on fonts
  12. Make input fields translatable with Polylang
  13. wordpress settings api multi dimentional array
  14. Search Result 2nd page always redirect on Homepage
  15. WordPress Settings / General / Site Language Option Disappear – Mac OS
  16. How do I find which articles are missing a featured image in The WordPress database?
  17. List non-public posts in Theme
  18. I'm adding a service worker to WordPress but cannot stop it adding WordPress files to the cache
  19. Qquery string disappearing wordpress in private mode
  20. How to retrieve and render content from a remote site’s page with Web Api?
  21. Restart Varnish on each instance of AWS Opsworks
  22. Background image not being placed behind page content
  23. Custom User management in WordPress
  24. Display image in dropdown list in php
  25. WordPress Query Posts with date as a custom field
  26. Donot index certain pages on google
  27. How to scroll to top of my single pages with jQuery?
  28. Issue with jquery and wordpress Uncaught ReferenceError: items is not defined
  29. When Single User Logged In One WordPress Site then user can automatically Logged-in other User's related site
  30. Remove 'type' attribute from 'script' and 'style' tags in WordPress

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. why my site is not crawled by google (my site is in a directory of root folder)
  2. Wordpress appear strange file php
  3. Add Yoast SEO meta box in front-end
  4. WP header all page
  5. How to redirect a user to another page if the user already visit the same page link. (This is not a login page.)
  6. Repeater field images to Gallery Image
  7. How to disable WordPress automatically update translate file
  8. Slow first link in chain load speed on wordpress website
  9. Git for Wordpress (Revisr) - Create one Git Repository from two Websites
  10. Price Range Slider Create in wp advance search

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. PHP global variable not set WordPress
  2. Upload PDF to WordPress using WP REST API
  3. How to add query string to end of the URL in WordPress Plugin?
  4. How to use PHP code to embed a url in WordPress
  5. Buddypress blocking user registration
  6. Timber - Lists posts by category, but sort posts alphabetically by ACF value
  7. WordPress RSS feed with tag display
  8. Turn a group of <button> into drop down on mobile [closed]
  9. Wordpress tax_query based on custom taxonomy not showing any result
  10. Wordpress not obeying css rules on mobile devices

Resolved issues

  1. Hook into function from another plugin
  2. Reach wordpress admin page with another website on
  3. Custom Fields and Events
  4. Elasticsearch - How do I prioritize by fields?
  5. How to get tag count on archive page in Wordpress?
  6. Add image size depending on number of posts with counter in WordPress
  7. Apache RewriteRule on a URL generated by wordpress
  8. Wordpress : can't write on page through functions.php
  9. Global & site specific css sheets in Wordpress multisite setup
  10. How do I correct images that are stretching disproportionately when the DIV class containing it is sized correctly?
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