Resolved WordPress issues 21-10-2018

contact form 7 wordpress plugin message condition

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • contact form 7 wordpress plugin message condition
  • WP Contact Form 7 local email attachment
  • How to Stop XML-RPC attack on Digital Ocean Ubuntu
  • Move FlexSlider at center of page
  • ergonomic wordpress plugin for multiple type profile creation, responsive registration/login forms, content upload and management (lecture videos).
  • How to Show form at the top of specific category with multiple post in wordpress [on hold]
  • What is the proper plugin for offline courses?
  • The new parameter FB adds to external links (fbclid)
  • js files path in the right direction but not responding in the theme
  • Open Pdf with password protection in WP
  • WordPress different database Error establishing a database connection
  • How to show edit form in custom wordpress plugin?
  • Plugin wordpress to show post in popup or lightbox?
  • How to list categories NOT in alphabetical order
  • Remove Like in wordpress posts in posts list not working
  • How to create different search filter for each product categories in wordpress
  • change meta title and description for a specific page in wordpress
  • wp-admin showing database connection (website working properly)
  • Google Tag Manager WP Plugin Issue


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WordPress problems we are working on

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Resolved issues

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