Resolved WordPress issues 22-11-2017

On focus today: jquery gallery, add to cart, post_meta, visual composer issue,

  1. How To Upload different image files for preview and when the image is clicked using jquery
  2. jquery click event handler is not called though registered
  3. Hide “Add to Chart” Button and show variants select input
  4. Tracking link clicks with query string
  5. wordpress simple shortcodes not rendered when using Timber plugin
  6. WordPress dedicated post_meta field or count rows of meta_key
  7. fastcgi_cache over https on WordPress
  8. jQuery hover animation jumpping due to height change
  9. Sage yarn installation error – Incorrect dependency popper.js
  10. Modify title tag dynamically in a wordpress page template
  11. HTTP PUT with PHP results in 403
  12. WordPress: Saving editor data via AJAX
  13. Javascript Not Changing CSS Class in WordPress
  14. WordPress – Multiple Meta Keys – Order by rank
  15. How to serve development wordpress site using wp-cli on macOS
  16. WordPress multisite transfer to subdomain
  17. Can’t select some text in table, probably because of JS
  18. WPBakery Visual Composer probleme
  19. PHP changes cause Warning: include(): Failed opening for a few seconds
  20. How to config the plugin Auto Load Next Post
  21. display html table form database in shortcode – WordPress
  22. If I require any file in my own wordpress plugin, will there be a security breach?
  23. WordPress REST api, how to seach custom field values
  24. How to adjust position of embedded MailChimp form
  25. page/2 WordPress custom post type pagination: 404 not found
  26. Is there any way to add tags to the <head> section in WP?
  27. assign value from another function to other in same php class
  28. Send MySQL data to GRAYLOG server
  29. Show/Hide Div Jquery Desktop/Mobile view issue
  30. get the comments ids when emptying comments trash

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. How to remove youtube links from wordpress excerpt
  2. How to Make http Request Wordpress using php
  3. Wordpress: Load Google map with user submitted address
  4. Regular Expression with Redirect in Wordpress
  5. If no post or less than 3, Then add an other tag name to the query
  6. why i see many 404 crawl error on google console for unknown URLs?
  7. Wordpress: wp_list_categories removes the last ')' character
  8. Edge stops considering mouse to be hovering over element
  9. WordPress, Ghost, or Hugo theme like Microsoft Docs
  10. Redirecting from an October / Laravel installation

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. WP | Dequeque Styles from Calculated Fields Form
  2. WordPress CSRF Exploit Draft Status
  3. redirect url with format A to another url with format B with htaccess
  4. Server request takes over 70000 ms to answer [on hold]
  5. How to show Recent Pages in Avada Theme wordpress?
  6. Allow HTML in caption area of featured image in WordPress
  7. Wordpress - Editor Page loading page missing content
  8. Downloading zip files from google drive using SDK for PHP
  9. I am getting CSS SyntaxError, unexpected token {. But I can not see error
  10. how to integrate trademark search in WordPress? [on hold]

Resolved issues

  1. WordPress Contact Form 7 - validation responses are empty and not displaying
  2. Breadcrumb in Blog Detail Page
  3. Hover state of radiobutton + label stays active on IE
  4. How to check if partial/include is called in header?
  5. wkwebview can’t upload file to a wordpress site
  6. wp rest api post per category per page
  7. Automate process when a WordPress user is registered
  8. WordPress large query with multiple relation AND
  9. dynamic image path for lightgallery plugin
  10. Global variable not working inside a basic IF statement
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