Resolved WordPress issues 23-02-2018

  1. How to access a wordpress theme by link
  2. embedded website to another sites homepage links not scrolling
  3. How can i show and edit “read more” button using
  4. WP_Query returns 0 Results on Safari ONLY
  5. How to remove theme name from page source
  6. Ultimate Member – Member Directory Show People With Profile Pics Then Rest Of Users
  7. WordPress on Windows Server: Need a proper config
  8. jQuery .change() seems to only update once
  9. gatsby-source-wordpress doesn't finish running
  10. wordpress heading error in text block?
  11. Menu disappears when meta_key changed
  12. How to print invoice data of fees two times in a single sheet in wp school management plugin
  13. Ultimate Member directory – How to display members in 4 columns instead of 3?
  14. plugins_url() contains xdebug: in result
  15. WordPress htaccess remove querystring from urls in subdomain
  16. WordPress Ajax: Getting 404 error when calling ajax
  17. wordpress get posts wrt post favorites
  18. Widget Settings disable on drop – WordPress
  19. Amp no longer compliant after creating custom template WordPress AMP
  20. Delete Category/Tag from posts in wordpress but ignore posts that have the following category
  21. WP Touch Thumbnail Images Dont Show in Category Posts
  22. WordPress can't edit page on other computers
  23. React Router v4 and htaccess with wordpress
  24. Slick Slider, after zoom out last two images not showing up
  25. WordPress custom menu widget not showing the menus in select tag
  26. Why is my wordpress website showing maintenance message when i login?
  27. Direct link to “New post” in specific category in WordPress?
  28. Website Images – Loss of quality
  29. How to clean the caches for a taxonomy in WordPress?
  30. Should I Split WP database? (Single WP running based on multiple Database)?

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Resolved issues

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