Resolved WordPress issues 25-11-2017

Today on focus: full width, menu items, user accounts, pop-up, wordpress calendar, mega menu, wordpress comments

  1. Need to change the back ground position on each mouse move
  2. Make wordpress page full width with Divi
  3. Visual Studio Code HTML syntax highlighting in PHP file
  4. How multipurpose themes like Betheme include all child themes inside the same Domain name without using sub-domain?
  5. WordPress Page redirects to home page
  6. How can I prevent specific WordPress Menu Items from appearing to certain User Profiles?
  7. dokan get all category from store id or seller id
  8. Duplication of wordpress user accounts
  9. Why is wp favourite posts plugin is not working, is not showing user favourites post in a wordpress site?
  10. Add a rich text field in a wordpress plugin settings
  11. wordpress progress circle not showing when clicking button
  12. Videojs is not working well in mobile devices
  13. How to create a timed popup
  14. WordPress: How to Remove archive link on on Deault Wordress Calendar
  15. How to find your lost Disqus Thread Identifier?
  16. How to redirect WordPress user to previous page after login
  17. WordPress Theme Issue on first load (elements under header) can you help me?
  18. NGINX deny directory access except one php file
  19. Contact form 7 custom labels
  20. Call function of the class, which can’t call other functions within the class
  21. Getting fatal require_once error in WordPress
  22. WordPress Plugin Developement – Insert Data into Database
  23. Show post taxonomy information in custom page template in wordpress
  24. Could you please tell me how can I delete the 2 symbols on my WordPress page in the picture below?
  25. How to prevent file editing on hosting?
  26. accessing WordPress DB from remote server
  27. WordPress Impreza theme and Mega Menu error to resolve
  28. click to load Google plus javascript to show comments
  29. How to see list of invalid elements in tinyMCE and change it
  30. I have value in my wp_postmeta table like a:1:{i:0;s:1:“5”;}…I need to get the last value.that is the value inside the “ ”.in wordpress

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Reported WordPress issues

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  2. How to convert pre attributed data to sourcecode attributed shortcode in Wordpress
  3. can't insert new db lines from form [duplicate]
  4. How to make gtag conversion in Contact Form 7 additional settings work?
  5. Wordpress Advanced Custom Fields - Update field on custom post delete
  6. Changing IMG Name based on Query Param
  7. Symfony backend to Wordpress frontend
  8. WordPress Enfold Theme: How to use a custom page layout like default layout from blog?
  9. Server gives 503 on almost all images
  10. Need to display random list of 6 authors

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. wordpress custom metabox not sending post data
  2. Links wordpress website stopped working..?
  3. Find Average Price via SQL with variables and functions
  4. I cant seem to properly locate my archive template to use on my plugin
  5. How to fix “dynamically create and associate registration new author category”
  6. Get published date of Wordpress post from URL
  7. How to access form data as an array of json object in PHP
  8. How do I restrict author profile info from Customers who have Basic Subscription?
  9. AUTO_INCREMENT values gone
  10. MySQL timestamp default value invalid

Resolved issues

  1. Cannot access /wp-admin because of fatal error in post.php
  2. Ajax pagination in wordpress with custom post type on archive.php
  3. How can I add a custom template page to a wordpress mobile theme?
  4. How to get do_shortcode() to stop stripping contents of a shortcode?
  5. Docker Wordpress super slow
  6. How can i send 2 different messages(autoresponder) using single contact form 7 in WordPress based on the selected input value?
  7. Want to redirect wordpress without changing URL path via .htaccess
  8. Contact form 7 gives 500 error, using sendgrid
  9. Nginx+php-fpm. static site + Wordpress
  10. Insert custom classes into WYSIWIG output rendered by tinyMCE via jQuery (handling images with captions in Wordpress)
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