Resolved WordPress issues 27-04-2019

  1. Uploaded header background image looks like distortion to compare the original image
  2. service fee based on user role
  3. Mobile header image too small
  4. Convert Laravel template to WordPress template
  5. Django-wordpress-api leads to “JSONDecode Error”
  6. Standard Editor Styles for Components in Gutenburg for WordPress
  7. How to use Shortcode from one WordPress page in another WordPress page?
  8. Is there a function to prevent a JS file from loading in WordPress?
  9. What happens to the additional CSS code in customize section when theme is updated?
  10. How do i use the code to show the table on my site?
  11. Fail loading owl-carousel2 script in my wordpress custom theme – Failing loading my owl script + TypeError
  12. How to display some items only if user is logged
  13. How to make slug URL with same like permalinks in WordPress
  14. knit2wp does not post image
  15. WordPress wp_mail is duplicating emails by error, how to prevent this error?
  16. Uploading svg to WordPress
  17. How to add a sidebar to archive page
  18. How make an animation work on a specific page in wordpress
  19. How to remove auto generated ads on WordPress site?
  20. Jquery problem inside while loop on wordpress site
  21. WordPress Bitnami – High Avalibility – Single Admin Pannel [on hold]
  22. How to add Image Slider in Custom WordPress Theme using WordPress Customizer API
  23. Delete duplicate post with same meta data
  24. Sanitize a decimal number in range type field in theme customizer for background image opacity
  25. Return result of for loop with iteration
  26. How to play audio specific time in wordpress / javascript, such as 60s
  27. How can I generate a wordlist in wordpress and display the list right in the same page
  28. WordPress group taxonomies for posts based on acf relationship
  29. WordPress HTTP GET Request TO and FROM Same URL Not Working
  30. How can I store the form data from the WPForm Lite version into custom database tables?

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  3. Links floating to the left?
  4. How do I upgrade from PHP 7.0 to 7.3 on google cloud platform?
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  6. PHP DOM in WordPress - replace and add attribute
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  9. Want to override the max number of blog posts to show for paginated archive post pages
  10. Can't extract carouselURL from json to import into post

Resolved issues

  1. Resize Thumbnail Images in WPGeoDirectory Listing Page
  2. WordPress navbar links wont work after i migrated from localhost to a live server
  3. exclude caching json api calls
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  8. changeset_post_save_failure in wordpress [on hold]
  9. Solution on developing a marketplace website [on hold]
  10. Wordpress AJAX 400 when registered in Shortcode Plugin
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