Resolved WordPress issues 27-10-2019

  1. wordpress – check post if have this word then do something
  2. What is the right or secure way to protect some area/field/functionality for the premium user only in WordPress plugin?
  3. Shopify buy button doesn't work reliably on the wordpress site
  4. Receiving an Error establishing database connection
  5. Advanced Custom Fields – Icon (Image Post Type) src not outputting correctly
  6. Pass client browser time as JS variable to same PHP page with Ajax on load in WordPress
  7. WordPress – 'jquery is not defined' problem
  8. Php code doesn't fetch up the link that I wanted in wordpress theme customization
  9. foreach loop in a form with database table data, change the data and update the database in a wordpress plugin
  10. WordPress: How to add image slider on homepage with latest posts?
  11. Advanced Custom Field is outputting image ID instead of URL even though URL is set in the WordPress admin
  12. WordPress 404 when redirecting to same page
  13. How to Set WordPress Specific Category always used as Second?
  14. on catgeory change where data stored in wordpress
  15. Log Error Using The Grid Pluging on WordPress
  16. Trying to retrieve data from wp DB
  17. How to display buddypress profile fields with php code?
  18. How to break 6 columns row to 2 rows with 3 columns
  19. Cache policy not updated according to PageSpeed
  20. ModuleNotFoundError : No module named 'matplotlib' in WordPress even though its working fine in terminal
  21. WordPress – Cannot modify header information error [duplicate]
  22. WordPress plugin shortcode public function change after content
  23. Why do I have to refresh WordPress site 2, 3, or 4 times before the page loads?
  24. Bootstrap4 nav dropdown in wordpress with a walker, using SVG instead of CSS icons?
  25. Paypal sandbox – amount deducted incorrect [on hold]
  26. Add Control Section Only For The Top Section – Elementor
  27. How to add Contact Form 7 fields to my custom HTML code like the screenshot below?
  28. How can I edit this code so that it only changes the Top Menu bar on my homepage when a user is logged in without changing the Main Menu?
  29. Send many mail saved with a loop on CF7
  30. How to provide service that hosts user data without violating user privacy?

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Reported WordPress issues

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  4. WP header all page
  5. How to redirect a user to another page if the user already visit the same page link. (This is not a login page.)
  6. Repeater field images to Gallery Image
  7. How to disable WordPress automatically update translate file
  8. Slow first link in chain load speed on wordpress website
  9. Git for Wordpress (Revisr) - Create one Git Repository from two Websites
  10. Price Range Slider Create in wp advance search

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. PHP global variable not set WordPress
  2. Upload PDF to WordPress using WP REST API
  3. How to add query string to end of the URL in WordPress Plugin?
  4. How to use PHP code to embed a url in WordPress
  5. Buddypress blocking user registration
  6. Timber - Lists posts by category, but sort posts alphabetically by ACF value
  7. WordPress RSS feed with tag display
  8. Turn a group of <button> into drop down on mobile [closed]
  9. Wordpress tax_query based on custom taxonomy not showing any result
  10. Wordpress not obeying css rules on mobile devices

Resolved issues

  1. Hook into function from another plugin
  2. Reach wordpress admin page with another website on
  3. Custom Fields and Events
  4. Elasticsearch - How do I prioritize by fields?
  5. How to get tag count on archive page in Wordpress?
  6. Add image size depending on number of posts with counter in WordPress
  7. Apache RewriteRule on a URL generated by wordpress
  8. Wordpress : can't write on page through functions.php
  9. Global & site specific css sheets in Wordpress multisite setup
  10. How do I correct images that are stretching disproportionately when the DIV class containing it is sized correctly?
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