Resolved WordPress issues 28-02-2018

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  2. How to show a custom page to admin only on wordpress? [duplicate]
  3. NGINX: Proxy to blog on wordpress
  4. Populate a date field with text field in Gravity Form
  5. Cannot find Google Maps key
  6. How to update a category after update a post in WordPress?
  7. Understrap theme – adding styles through scss to .btn changes contact form submit?
  8. WordPress get_the_terms for custom Taxonomy
  9. How to fix the slow page loading on wordpress [on hold]
  10. WordPress Submit form containing a webcam snapshot to database [on hold]
  11. Google maps fully zoomed in all the time
  12. Multiple Ajax Forms using WordPress Loop
  13. WordPress theme main menu is jumping a small space
  14. How can I change login error messages on WordPress?
  15. How do I resize the second image on a WordPress page without resizing the first image using css?
  16. users sort by rating in wordpress doctor directory theme
  17. WordPress settings page not saving the input values
  18. ACF Date picker remove past dates from front end
  19. Is it possible to exclude an iframe of showing up on certain urls of a wordpress blog?
  20. WordPress doesn't execute jquery code correctly
  21. Get Vimeo Thumbnail URL from Json
  22. refresh wp_media after upload an image programatically in wordpress
  23. wordpress single to multisite migration images missing
  24. Rewrite rule in htaccess for redirects after changing URL format for alternate languages
  25. WordPress permalinks, page and json 404 error
  26. WordPress AJAX full page in div issue
  27. How to add radio button to my website in wordpress
  28. WordPress – Change Admin / Login URL
  29. Redirect .htaccess
  30. wordpress, get second newest post

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. Visual Composer disabled overnight for anyone but the admin
  3. Wordpress: Weather Plugin with all locations and villages [on hold]
  4. Aallow more than 2 decimal place in the form
  5. blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'
  6. Auto Update Custom Timber Template
  7. How can I get the names of all the plugins and active theme of any WordPress website?
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  9. modify Elementor widget
  10. Routing to through Route53

Resolved issues

  1. Creating new WordPress site locally
  2. Can I use PHP inside CSS pseudo class
  3. In Wordpress website, connecting to another web_based application
  4. Session sharing between Tomcat app and Wordpress (on IIS)
  5. i can't post from python to my wordpress site by wordpress_xmlrpc i get ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 222
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