Resolved WordPress issues 28-02-2019

  1. Center Align Logo with CSS on Primer/Elementor WordPress Site
  2. Undefined index: name_of_your_nonce_field during first basic example with
  3. Who is the best company for helping optimize WP
  4. DOMPDF fonts error: src/Renderer/Text.php on line 105
  5. How can I embed http iframe at my HTTPS website?
  6. Cognitoforms in wordpress / Insert radio_button bar
  7. wordpress submenu outside parent element
  8. WordPress update problem – inconsistent file permissions
  9. Load content from PHP while loop with AJAX
  10. I want an automated email from my stripe account to the buyers address where I can to put on my email for contact/support purpose for the buyer's?
  11. Styles not being updated in gutenberg editor
  12. Font-Awesome: not all the unicode items are shown in the website [duplicate]
  13. My website change the language in the pages
  14. Want to order events after date instead of post_date
  15. WordPress Lightbox Gallery: Making a word link open to an image gallery
  16. Capture a String of More than 1 word and turn it into a single string separated by dashes
  17. PHP If Not In CSV but In Database
  18. how to integrate parsehub api to a php website and upload products?
  19. How to calculate number of post which have particular meta_key?
  20. Is there way to stop inspector console from changing header height based on % or VH?
  21. WordPress – Category custom post change with a Cron Job
  22. WordPress JSON remove repeated Object – functions.php
  23. Display role next to author name in WordPress
  24. I am trying to add and image with PHP
  25. It is safe/good practice set data-attributes to store post information and using them when an event occurs (WordPress)?
  26. Scraping Instagram with PHP – Plugin WordPress
  27. How to avoid multiple firing of ajax callback in jquery?
  28. WordPress multiple plugin options to one option as JSON
  29. WordPress URL with multiple custom taxonomy of custom post type
  30. Page stick to certain areas when scrolling on mobile devices

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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Resolved issues

  1. Resize Thumbnail Images in WPGeoDirectory Listing Page
  2. WordPress navbar links wont work after i migrated from localhost to a live server
  3. exclude caching json api calls
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  9. Solution on developing a marketplace website [on hold]
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