Resolved WordPress issues 28-06-2018

Wordpress Internal Server Error – without FTP

WordPress resolved issues

WordPress resolved issues

  • WordPress Internal Server Error – without FTP
  • WordPress use in one module of laravel application
  • slider revolution animation not start again with scroll
  • how can I order the links in the admin menu on wordpress?
  • CMS themes comparison (WordPress – Joomla)
  • How to redirect if the URL contains certain words
  • Xamarin forms OAuth with WordPress
  • Contact Form 7 404 [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]
  • How to deploy desktop app via website
  • is it possible to add text to an php variable by clicking on an html checkbox
  • Don't cache pages WITHOUT a certain cookie – W3 Total Cache for WordPress
  • Schema markup for review articles only without plugin
  • WordPress files not found when I can to make the restore on a diffrent hosting file
  • WordPress POST request fails with XMLHttp and Axios but works with jQuery. What's the difference?
  • How to import data in table?
  • setcookie works but doesn't save in $_COOKIE
  • Email address are not showing in wp admin user area
  • Calling a specific table based on User Login ID?
  • shortcode to insert text depending on day of week
  • Divi Builder not loading saved layout
  • any one help me the error below Warning: A non-numeric value encountered
  • How to customize the Word Press RSS feed description tag, without touching the php code?
  • Troubleshooting workflow for WordPress PHP debugging?
  • Using Lazy Load with Infinite scroll
  • WordPress login with custom domain
  • Make multiple PHP arrays out of a single array and store those new arrays into new single array
  • localhost port change in WordPress
  • Divi Builder Content Break in Custom Post Type
  • Webpack in php projects: how to automate ftp upload
  • Contact Form 7 showing sent message but not receiving email

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    10. Attachments category in Wordpress

    Resolved issues

    1. Why unicode emojis in wordpress displayed with <img> tag?
    2. How do we get admin current screen by post id instead of screen id?
    3. Installing SSL on Wordpress without Ciomand Line access and provider support
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    10. How to add a button of plugin into `wp_editor()` using TinyMCE?
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