Resolved WordPress issues 29-03-2019

  1. Dynamically render XMLHttpRequest data to VueJS element
  2. Theme broken Suddnly wordpress
  3. WordPress not adding a trailing slash on a single permalink. All others permalinks work
  4. WordPress minimum load with only REST API functions
  5. How can I make a custom pagination with a custom WordPress table : $wpdb?
  6. How can add a wordpress insert in a jquery function?
  7. Custom widget does not contain/constrain video
  8. How to register acf repeater field programmatically
  9. Exclude a single page from wp_list_pages()?
  10. Add element after navigation element title don't works like I expect
  11. Someone know plugin for images in end of page ? WordPress
  12. php_errors.log – Error checking in buffer: There are no checked out buffers
  13. Wrapping post content with multiple columns around a featured image that spans multiple colums
  14. Total amount charged for customer during checkout
  15. Google Analytics Event Tracking on Worpdress
  16. How do I connect phpmyadmin to mysql?
  17. gutenberg core/columns attributes via function.php
  18. Can't login in admin wordpress: End of script output before headers: index.php
  19. How to establish database connection from wordpress docker
  20. How to set “first product for free, and second product is original price”?
  21. Reduce memory consumption cloning posts to another site in multisite network
  22. Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input tinymce.min.js
  23. Code injected in php files of a wordpress website [on hold]
  24. How can I save data from a random amout of form elements into a SQL table?
  25. WordPress sticky post check box not saving
  26. Second logo header navigation bar in WORDPRESS
  27. Form redirection after submission
  28. How to stop WordPress changing my text after XMLPRC upload
  29. How to add featured image support for custom testimonial post type
  30. Make clickable links using indices of associative array

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. Centering image captions in the Gutenberg editor
  3. Catch Infinite Scroll plugin
  4. Wordpress Shortcodes only displayed on posts
  5. Wordpress add_rewrite_rule not working with pagination
  6. Wordpress AJAX load more check end of posts
  7. how to create section inside a section uisng wp_customize function in wrodpress
  8. Drag & Drop trashed error in Wordpress site [on hold]
  9. Once user sign in they are directed to a gravity form - only when it is complete will they be directed to the site
  10. Bootstrap 4 dropdown menu disappears on hover on Microsoft Surface only

Resolved issues

  1. WordPress multisite different user registration for different sites
  2. WP_Query::posts orderby doesn't preserve order of post__in
  3. How to fix 'null value of add_setting()'
  4. How to create the following detail in Wordpress
  5. migrating wordpress website from localhost in windows to centos7
  6. How to add %custom-taxonomy% to permalink (e.g. %subject% which is one we created)
  7. How to hide continue shopping after customer selects the second product
  8. Use styling and behavior on tags input that exists on back-end but on a front-end form
  9. WordPress Edit Page Fails with “TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON”
  10. Wordpress REST API: failurejava.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was BEGIN_OBJECT
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