Resolved WordPress issues 30-01-2019

  1. WordPress Rest API – How to get all authors when using get post by slug
  2. How to get thumbnail instead of the first image?
  3. Can I change a login pop up in a wordpress theme?
  4. Use screen size to apply function in PHP possibly need to combine with jQuery
  5. Permalinks ERROR 404 when I change it in WordPress
  6. wordpress shortcode php array to text in a text block
  7. How do I center a column with a max-width of 1280px inside a full width row with visual composer + css
  8. Click even doesn't work on dynamically generated elements
  9. Order post by date and by most favorited
  10. How to fix this php code on functions.php
  11. WordPress application not running on IIS
  12. How to customize backend nav-menu/sidebar height?
  13. Fix found_posts after changing query in pre_get_posts – WordPress
  14. WordPress webp image previews
  15. Change wordpress shortcode with Javascript
  16. wordpress javascript error in functions.php
  17. Writing functional tests with WP_UnitTestCase
  18. Plugin `WordPress Importer` does not offer author name to export custom post
  19. Push notifications with wordpress with button?
  20. Load More Images with WordPress
  21. Shortcode code returns incorrect URL – WordPress
  22. How to stop user from going back to admin pages once logged out in WordPress?
  23. MAMP showing an older version of WordPress
  24. Revolution Post Based Slider – Only show posts if Categories is “AND”
  25. Comparing ACF date with today's date
  26. Scss compiling to CSS but doing nothing
  27. Always show product featured image thumbnail in gallery
  28. Can I have two identical websites over two domains, ideally running from same WordPress?
  29. How to show star rating in PHP?
  30. Get the current post category name inside while loop

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  7. Is there a hook to change the WordPress “reset password form”?
  8. Meta_key Wordpress
  9. Get data from PHP to JavaScript to show positions of divs as posts on the index page
  10. How to run PHP on a link with a masked a URL?

Resolved issues

  1. How do I make the landing page of website appear on Google and not “Index of /”?
  2. Automatically assign products to a defined product category,All discounted products for a definite range [on hold]
  3. WordPress field in wp_terms table
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  6. Unable to install jetpack on my wordpress website
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