Resolved WordPress issues 30-03-2019

  1. WordPress post custom order not working (showing up but not saving)
  2. admin_enqueue_scripts not working in wordpress plugin
  3. Trying to integrate lightGallery with lightSlider
  4. How to Add custom filed in checkout page Opencart
  5. ACF Custom Query GET URL
  6. How to get ACF from Menu
  7. Get “Count” of total images in a WordPress gallery
  8. WordPress – How add class to navbar ( bs4navwalker ) when in front-page, in functions.php
  9. ionic not load image from url wp-json and ionic4
  10. Automatic pagination within a single page in WordPress
  11. Paginate Instagram Pictures using Facebook SDK PHP
  12. How to submit custom fields data by python wordpress xmlrpc
  13. WordPress: Why “before delete post” action fire when the post is updated?
  14. Can i import the same css from “additional css” from parent theme to child theme?
  15. How do I move a specified number of files automatically from one folder to another using PHP? (for use in WordPress plugin)
  16. How to create shortcode parameter to get subpages of a parent pages id
  17. Child dropdown fields selection based on the selected field in parent dropdown on same form
  18. get custom terms searched by name with like % clause
  19. How to make multiple AND conditions in the same query?
  20. How do I ask wordpress to serve my react app?
  21. is it possible to add multiple blocks in a single manipulation?
  23. Need code to remove links from posts in WordPress
  24. Add Data-Page attribute to WordPress menu
  25. Change columns of a table in WordPress
  26. Pin / Fix div in Javascript on scroll with parallax
  27. Custom permalink post type not include -2 behind
  28. get_post_galleries_images returning empty array
  29. Docker wordpress up but admin user can not access the plugin and appearance page
  30. Get cart total for custom checkout link via Cash App

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Reported WordPress issues

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  9. Hi, i am using wpbakery visual editor within theme it was working fine before but now its show an error , can any one help me to solve this
  10. How to Display CPT Meta on Front End through Query

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. how to make Wordpress DB lookup code to do “if” funcation
  2. CSS @page is not applying
  3. How to check data type image in mysql?
  4. Increase max file upload size in Wordpress hosted in Azure VM
  5. How to access Wordpress authentication token
  6. How to pass the new wp menu item as variable?
  7. Users that have updated to recent versions of Chrome (73) break parallax menu for AccessPress-Parallax 1.23.4
  8. Add Category Id As a Class Name For A Custom Post Type
  9. Form Field to PDF Field WordPress
  10. WordPress changes URL on admin page

Resolved issues

  1. convert .CSV file to JSON file in php on button click (WP plugin)
  2. Sub-Menu is closing when clicking on parent menu item
  3. Google map is not displayed in some browsers in wordpress site [on hold]
  4. Register fetched data (not in database) in Timber PostQuery
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  6. Why can't I get the gallery images from the custom post type?
  7. Styling rendered WordPress content with React.js
  8. how can we show select category post in related post?
  9. create dropdown in Wordpress custom plugin settings
  10. I need help making addEventListener Work on a group of HTML buttons
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