Resolved WordPress issues 30-10-2017

Today on focus: working with shortcodes, contact form 7 issues, jQuery problems, redirect loops

  1. Avda Theme e-commerce mouse over post content
  2. Where and how to create WordPress shortcodes from MySql data?
  3. Parsing PHP in Sidebar Issue
  4. wp_editor shows no button
  5. Uploading the cherry theme on wordpress
  6. SQL Syntax Error after updating to WordPress 4.8.2
  7. Contact Form 7 – Center the Input Fields
  8. Images from my wordpress, don’t display on IPAD
  9. Horizontal flags in qtranslate plugin
  10. WordPress Importer undefined variable
  11. Loading Gravity Form via Ajax results in
  12. WordPress Material Forms bug
  13. WordPress How Can I Display skill1_logo in View
  14. Uncaught Error: Braintree API Client Misconfigured: clientToken required
  15. How to remove rel=“canonical” from WordPress Yoast plugin?
  16. Method name “Media_Content_Taxonomy::mctf_register_media_content_taxonomy” is not in camel caps format
  17. How to Trigger an event on button click using jQuery
  18. WordPress WP_Query sort by multiple fields
  19. WordPress: How to use active callbacks in the Customizer
  20. Getting the error Undefined index: wp-login in my script?
  21. How to set custom data as WordPress post?
  22. File not found… Error On WordPress Permalink change IIS Server
  23. RSS feed to Mailchimp when WordPress category pages are redirected
  24. Assign custom taxonomy to post with REST API
  25. want to add a meta box on my custom wordpress page
  26. Creating a semi-circle background for an element (using wp&elementor)
  27. Divi Builder conflicts with own Plugin
  28. Php sql code not supported in wordpress
  29. Load a js in wordpress to angularjs aplication
  30. WordPress multisite redirect loop

If you need more information on some of the solutions, please post the ID and date in our WordPress forum and we will reveal the details

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Reported WordPress issues

  1. favicon.ico whitescreen on local and cPanel server
  2. All States Dropdown for All Countries
  3. changes from localhost wordpress to live site wordpress
  4. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘”localhost”‘
  5. Get WordPress plugin directory URI
  6. Loop through all rows of ACF group without specifying row name
  7. Wordpress User Upload without logging in
  8. How to hide review section from google map
  9. Calculate shipping for 1 product instead of whole cart
  10. Stripe connect payment token generating token not completing transaction for test mode wtih charge

WordPress problems we are working on

  1. Including wp-load.php causes fatal error inside a class method
  2. Html5 video is not playing automatically on page load in chrome? [duplicate]
  3. Remove a specific string from url and redirect
  4. learnpress plugin category,archive, feature display
  5. esc_html__() cuts string on space character
  6. Remove “Required” factor from wordpress default editor
  7. ACF Google Maps field only showing one map location inside modal
  8. htaccess multidomain with Wordpress
  9. Do not refresh to keep form open
  10. how to display featured image of pages

Resolved issues

  1. Wordpress and product with more than 200 variation
  2. Wordpress newsletter plugin that composes from posts
  3. WP : Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Screen::render_screen_reader_content
  4. Wordpress SVG path not working
  5. Where to host open source library docs?
  6. Add the inbuilt colour palette for Gutenberg custom block
  7. WordPress permalinks object not found
  8. Change app module dynamically in angularjs end to end test
  9. Wordpress (PHP-FPM) + Nginx not serving content
  10. is it possible to create a two row slick slider in which the elements have variable width?
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