Resolved WordPress issues 30-12-2017

  1. Add taxonomy fields to search
  2. JS not working (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelectorAll' of null)
  3. how can i get affected row count on wordpress query
  4. WordPress Theme “ERROR: The theme defines itself as its parent theme. Please check the Template header.”
  5. Order of Thumbnails on LinkedIn ShareArticle Link
  6. How do I shift part of WP menu to right
  7. WP firing update query on usermeta table
  8. Redirect to subdomain if user request subdomain WP
  9. Adding a dependent drop down box in WordPress
  10. wp-load.php seems to have path error in require
  11. How can I add a live filter on wordpress category widget
  12. enqueue is not working (i have external file in coustom plugin in folder assets/js/loginpluginscript.js)
  13. Advanced AWS CloudFormation – cfn-Init & cfn-Hup not working
  14. Calcuate, display and add price based on weight n wordpress
  15. GoogleMap api – ReferenceError: Invalid left-hand side in assignment
  16. How to display only category link on wordpress
  17. WordPress – Warning: Cannot modify header information
  18. Apply CSS file from activated WordPress Plugin
  19. Change sub-menu contents of main menu
  20. Structure a Firebase “navigation menu” data based on WordPress terms
  21. Why Logical And Replacing With Character In WordPress
  22. Php $_GET value is coming from another page, but i cant put that $_GET['id'] on the same page after submitting the from
  23. Writing data to an sql database upon payment completed
  24. Build out a WordPress MultiSite
  25. order posts on one category by order
  26. JQuery onclick function error within post loop
  27. Bootstrap Columns colliding on WordPress
  28. wp how can i get url post from mysql, there is an answer but I didn't understand
  29. WordPress: I need every blog posts to appear under the Blog Page, AND the latest post to appear in a Category (code not working thus far)
  30. Fix button pairs with Elementor on WordPress

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Reported WordPress issues

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WordPress problems we are working on

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  2. InvalidValueError: not an instance of HTMLInputElement - Google Autocomplete with Wordpress
  3. How can I change the CSS padding for just the homepage/frontpage
  4. WordPress wp_nav_menu_items issue
  5. Discount display issue on mini cart widget
  6. In Timber pass an ID in the loop to a WP function
  7. JavaScript timer stuck when adding PHP script to footer
  8. wp_editor not loading completely
  9. looking for a WordPress plugin to customize the food recipe and ingredients of order
  10. Wordpress update_post_meta wrong serialize

Resolved issues

  1. Custom font (not using @font-face) won't load on HTTPS protocol
  2. Implement Bootstrap grid within a function in Wordpress
  3. How to show only posts that are linked to a specific custom taxonomy term
  4. Wordpress Native Admin Table - Sorting columns doesnt work inside search result
  5. Wordpress Multi Pages- The requested URL was not found on this server
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  7. Weird Parent Category not getting deleted
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  9. WordPress: Disable rendering PHP of shortcode inside editor [on hold]
  10. Which accordion WordPress plugin supports Polylang?
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